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Download free books that are excellent for personal reading
and also for group Bible studies.

Books Available

The following titles by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and published by Living Stream Ministry are available for free electronic download in 38 languages. These books progress from basic to intermediate to advanced topics, making them a perfect guide for your study of the Bible.

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, volumes 1–3
Explaining the basic principles and practices for the proper Christian life. (W. Lee & W. Nee)

The All-Inclusive Christ
A study of signs, types and figures of Christ in the Old Testament in a guided exposition of the book of Deuteronomy. (W. Lee)

The Economy of God
The central revelation of the Bible beginning with the mingling of God with man in the human spirit. (W. Lee)

The Knowledge of Life
Knowing eternal life and the divine life of God and how to mature as a Christian. (W. Lee)

The Glorious Church
God’s desire to have His church and an illustration of the church that He desires. (W. Nee)

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